Our Drunken Story

Raising Happy Animals Sharing Happy Hours

Drunken Meats are sustainably crafted by The Tipsy Farmers

When we took over our Vero Beach farm, it was nothing less than crude evidence of the devastating effects industrial farming has left on our land, our animals, and our people.

But where others see ruins, we, The Tipsy Farmers, saw an opportunity to rebuild the future of sustainable agriculture, combining the wisdom of traditional farming with innovative practices.

With an unapologetic sense of optimism, we bring you, Drunken Meats.

An image showing brown and black cows drinking mineral streams on a farm. | width: 2128
Our cows get to indulge in our fermented sugar cane juice, a light rum that makes them healthy and happy.
An image showing a calf and a mother cow cuddling each other. | width: 1060
Our calves stay with their mothers for as long as nature intended.
An unclose image of a cow with his tongue sticking out.  | width: 1120
If you were to be a cow, you would want to be one of our happy cows!
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Come visit our farm and see our happy animals grazing freely around our pastures, eating lush green grass, and drinking from our mineral rich streams.

You will get to partake in our farm distilled rum while sharing a story or two with us Tipsy Farmers.

"To bring you folks the best quality meats, while taking care of our animals and our environment, we chose the slowest growing livestock breeds, the slowest form of feed, and the longest possible harvesting period"

The Tipsy Farmers