Happy Hours on a Plate

“Happy Hour”


In the 1920’s, “Happy Hour” started out as the allotted period of time on a naval ship where sailors can engage in various forms of entertainment.

America then was also going through a dark period in the history of drinking with Prohibition being in place. Despite this, Americans drank more than ever.

“Happy Hour” was adopted as the name for secret gatherings of folks drinking cocktails and having a good time, illegally.

“Happy Hour” was a form of protesting through joy. 


“Happy Hour” became mainstream as more and more places associate the term with discounted drinks. But despite this association, the core spirit of the term remains:                                                      

A reflection of the human desire for relief and connection.


The concept of “Happy Hour” is currently undergoing another shift of meaning after this pandemic. 

People connect through virtual happy hours through Zoom, sitting in front of their computers to share a cocktail with strangers on the other side of the screen.

The virtual happy hour has become a moral imperative, as having a good time is life affirming.


Tipsy Farmers  

Our belief is that cooking, eating and sharing good meats should be filled with joy and happiness.

And our role is to raise happy animals, to feed happy people.  

 We bring you Happy Hours on a Plate