Tipsy Farmers' Practices


We are committed to the well-being of our animals and our environment, which goes hand in hand with producing the best quality meats.

Happy animals equals better meats

Happy animals equals better meats

Happy Cows

Our cows are a special cross of Japanese Wagyu/Akaushi with American Angus, that thrive on a 100% grassfed diet, and roam freely for their entire life.

Aside from their mother’s milk, and our farm distilled rum, all they eat is lush grass. Our cows never taste hormones, antibiotics or any feeds.

Happy Pigs

Our pigs are a special cross of the most flavorful and highest marbling pork, Mangalitsa, with the lean textured meat pork, Berkshire, that are fed a natural vegetarian diet with no hormones, and no antibiotics.

They live in loose housing and get to roam in lush pastures as nature intended.


Our cows and pigs provide the best tasting and healthiest beef and pork you can eat.

Grassfed beef is jam-packed with healthy stuff

Grassfed beef is jam-packed with healthy stuff

Why Wagyu/Akaushi

Our Wagyu/Akaushi cattle has the highest concentration of monounsaturated fat, a healthy addition to our diets that helps reduce cholesterol and prevent heart disease. Wagyu/Akaushi is also source of oleic acid, which is good for our health and gives our beef its delicious buttery taste.

Our grassfed animals are leaner, so our beef is lower in cholesterol and calories than commercially raised beef. Also, grassfed beef is high in Omega 3, Beta-carotene, Vitamin E & B, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and Transvaccenic Acid (TVA).

Why Mangalitsa-Berkshire

Our Mangalitsa pigs have the highest concentration in monounsaturated fat and lowest in saturated fat of all pigs, which means it lowers "bad" cholesterol (LDL) while leaving alone the "good" cholesterol (HDL), and makes the meat melt in your mouth.

Pigs are what they eat. The feed you choose is reflected in the flavor. Our vegetarian fed pigs have a diet free of GMO corn and soy that produce "bad" fat.

Grassfed beef is jam-packed with healthy stuff

Grassfed beef is jam-packed with healthy stuff


We Tipsy Farmers focus on one thing, raising our animals in a regenerative manner.

Thinking about the future of our land and our planet is not optional.

Thinking about the future of our land and our planet is not optional.

We practice regenerative farming

We aim to store more carbon in our soils than our cows emit during their lives. Through soil and pasture management, we generate and track positive outcomes in our animals and our environment.

Put simply, we do what our grandparents did, we work with nature, not against nature, to improve our land and keep it flourishing for years to come.

Thanks to our practices, we sequester more carbon (meaning less CO2 in the air), maintain healthier soils and deliver our delicious and nutrient rich meats to you folks.

We focus on rehabilitation

Once we retire a pasture for a period, we do not use it until the period concludes. When grass is growing quickly, we move animals quickly, and when it is growing slow, we move them slowly.

This helps our grass become more robust by giving it ample rest time. We want our pastures covered, never grazed to the ground. This keeps our soil cool and grasses growing longer. 

Everything is connected. If we take care of our soil, everything above ground falls into place. Healthy soil means healthy grass, healthy grass means healthy animals, healthy animals means more delicious nutrient rich meats.

We use sustainable packaging

We invest in sustainable packaging that keeps your meat completely frozen, and is 100% recyclable and compostable, so your food arrives safely without hurting our planet. When you receive your Drunken Meats box, simply dissolve the insulation liner in water and watch it disappear.